Most adults spend at least several hours per day driving a motor vehicle, primarily driving to and back from work. Driving privileges have become a necessity, not a luxury. Imagine your life without a car. Public transportation is either not readily available in suburban and rural areas, or is not convenient. Often, one needs to drive to even get to public transportation. Taxi is expensive for everyday commuting. The bottom line is that an average adult would face substantial hardship without driving privileges.


Illinois drivers over 21 years of age face a suspension of their driving privileges for three convictions of moving traffic violations within a 12-month period.  Furthermore, a single conviction for certain offenses such as passing a school bus loading or unloading children, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, speeding in a construction zone, driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated substances (D.U.I. / D.W.I.) can lead to a suspension or even a revocation of driving privileges.


A simple traffic ticket may seem not a big deal, but incorrectly handling it can result in increased automobile insurance rates, adverse impact on your driver's license and a disadvantaged position should you receive other traffic citations in the near future.


Traffic laws can be complex and are constantly evolving.  It is now a Class B misdemeanor criminal offense in Illinois to exceed the speed limit by 31 miles per hour.  It is also a Class A misdemeanor criminal offense to exceed the speed limit by 40 miles per hour.  These are speeding charges that will result in not just a ticket, but in an arrest, towing of your car, and criminal charges.


Igor Gromov has handled many types of traffic cases, from everyday speeding and stop sign violations, to school zone, school bus and construction zone speeding situations, to reckless driving and complex D.U.I. and D.W.I. cases. Igor Gromov has taken many traffic violation cases to trial and obtained a "not guilty" finding.  Those cases, which are not likely to result in a "not guilty" finding can be negotiated with the prosecution to avoid a conviction on your driving record.  It is also possible to re-open a traffic case that resulted in a conviction and clear your driving record.


Gromov Law Offices handles traffic cases in  all municipal district courts of Cook County, including Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood, Bridgeview and the Daley Center; Lake County cases, including Waukegan and Mundelein, Park City and Round Lake Beach branch courts, and the surrounding counties of DuPage, Kane, and McHenry.


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